Book – The Brain That Changes Itself

Stories of Personal Triumph from the
Frontiers of Brain Science
by Norman Doidge

What if the human brain, instead of
being ‘hard wired’ from early childhood,
was actually capable of change — even improvement?
This fascinating idea is explored through a series of accounts of both patients’ struggles and scientists’ work. The concept is called neuroplasticity.

The patients’ problems range from balance to perception to stroke recovery to basic learning. Their stories tell of improvements bordering on resurrection. The reader is brought along on their personal journeys, these patients treated almost like characters in a novel. Modern neurology is both described and challenged, as Dr. Doidge is a researcher, pychiatrist and psychoanalyst. Possible causation and process are discussed, in addition to clinical study. The importance of imagination and ‘mental exercise’ are covered. However, it is far more than a cold, logical review of neurology. This is an emotional and passionate tale, an urgent quest for knowledge that could improve, redeem, and even save lives. One doesn’t need to be a medical doctor or scientist to appreciate it, but only a human being.

Written as a compelling mixture of neurology, mystery, and personal triumph, this book will change the way you think – literally.

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