Book – My Stroke of Insight

A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey
by Jill Bolte Taylor

A must-read for every stroke survivor. Recovering from a stroke is such a bizarre experience, many survivors think they are the first and only ones to ever walk that path. However, in this book they will find a clear and complete description of that journey. And thus not feel so alone. This is not like the more common clinical view of a ship-in-a-bottle. Rather, it’s like being on that ship’s deck.

Several key issues are covered. They include: the basic anatomy of the brain and various types of strokes, the concept of left versus right brain, the importance of neuroplasticity, the importance of patience, love and understanding (always good things, but vital in stroke recovery and not available to many unfortunates), and the danger of just accepting current dogma. There is also a good deal of metaphysics – an interesting, personal, and courageous addition.

However, it’s the first-person account that makes this a compelling and necessary read. Only an experienced brain anatomist could accurately explain the neurology. Only a stroke survivor could tell the story ‘from the inside out’. Only an intelligent and compassionate author could put it in words for others to learn from. The author is all of these. One word of caution: reading this account can be an intense and emotional experience. Public places should be avoided until you’re finished the book. This is not a shallow plug, but an actual lesson learned through cruel experience.

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