How To Join the QMC@home Team

The team name is geopense.QMC and the team id is: 2220

  • Download the BOINC client software package for your specific OS
  • Install the software package on your computer
  • Launch the BOINC Manager

    • Select Tools…Attach to Project
    • Select Quantum Monte Carlo at Home from list
    • Enter email & password in User information

      (this creates a new account in this project)

    • Should see Attached to project notification
    • Select Finish and enter a user name and optionally some geographic information
    • In the Find a Team dialog, enter geopense.QMC in keywords box and click Search
    • Select geopense.QMC in Team search results
    • In the Team info page, click on “Join this team”
    • Your account preferences for geopense.QMC are displayed

      Welcome to our team !

    • Please note that you may not show up on the team list until you have finished crunching at least one unit as a team member

  • You can obtain team certificates from the link on the account preferences page

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