Book – Beyond AI

Creating the Conscience of the Machine
by J. Storrs Hall

Written from a perspective shaped by decades of thought in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and molecular nanotechnology (one of the most promising and speculative areas of robotics), this work is an observer’s handbook to the near future of AI.

The author does a good job of being an objective observer. This is not a ‘gee whiz’ futurist pep talk. Nor is it a formal tome which obfuscates AI in a sea of over analyzed mathematics and algorithms. Nor is it a fearful, Luddite rant against technology. The author freely admits to the failures of the traditional rigid rules and goal seeking approaches that were trumpeted by AI researchers in the past. However, it is made abundantly clear that AI is here now and will become ever more pervasive in society. He points out the evolutionary nature of our own intelligence, with the hope that AI can use natural intelligence as a basis and guide. The difficult task of bringing the often tribal camps of psychology, philosophy, and computer science together is tackled with enthusiasm and success.

Who should read this book? Anyone who wants a thoughtful look at the coming convergence of natural and artificial intelligence.

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