S. Chandrasekhar 1910-1995

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, or Chandra for short, was born in 1910 in the city of Lahore in British India. He came from a Hindu tradition but as an adult, he was quite non-religious. He came up with most of the modern theory about the end of a star’s life including neutron stars and black holes.

But that’s only half of why he’s a hero. He was also a kind and gentle man. He remained so all his life despite suffering a lot of professional jealousy and even some biggotry. He was a quiet man, but a natural leader. Someone once said that “Politicians see the world as it really is. Leaders see the world as it could be.” Imagine a world in which people help the other guy achieve his dream. This was the world Chandra saw. It was the life he lived.

To be truly kind and generous is rare. To be a profound genius is extremely rare. But to be both at the same time? That’s unique. It’s a combination that wasn’t achieved by Aristotle, Galileo, Newton or Einstein.

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